What our families are saying



C. loves coming to wboosc and is happy and content whenever we drop him off so that in itself is great feedback! We love to see how C is beginning to make friends with the other children and how affectionate they can all be to each other. Clearly the staff work really hard at promoting positive relationships between the children at all times and this is no mean feat.

Helen F

I didn’t realise just how much my child did at wboosc until I went and joined in one morning.


I recently got involved in the wboosc activities when I came and worked with the children on Diwali. I found it to be a really enjoyable experience. All of the staff and the children were really welcoming and it was a pleasure seeing how interested everyone was.


I am completely confident in the care Miss J receives. She is always happy and seems to learn a lot from the activities provided.

Emily L.

It’s been a great place for L and S to enjoy early school years.  Thank you for all your help and support whilst L and S have been regulars at wboosc.  They have always been happy there and in trying to search for childcare in Malvern it has made me realise how lucky we are to have this on our doorstep in WB.  It’s non existent in Malvern unless I use a nursery after school, which I know that S won’t want to do!!

Thanks again to your wonderful team – Kelly, Barry, Tammy, Michelle and the crew at Cottages.  I’m only sorry that we won’t get to say farewell in person but did want to drop you a note to say huge thanks.  Thanks Helen and very best wishes.

Jennifer C

The staff managers are always on hand and available for discussions if need be and it is clear to us who these people are. There is clear responsibility of tasks throughout the wboosc team which suggests to us that L&M is strong.


Dear Helen and Ed,

I have just paid my final wboosc fee.  It feels pretty sad that both girls have been with you for so long and its coming to an end.  Thank you for all you have done through nursery and then kids club.  I don’t know what I would have done without your brilliant child care.  You are both just wonderful.  Thank you for everything.

K & N

I find the keyworkers and other staff members fab. Really caring, observant, knowledgeable and ‘on the ball’ at all times. Other key areas from you which have always been great are leadership, activities, toys/equipment, cleanliness, fundraising.

Sarah S

My three children have been with you guys from tiny babies until going to the Comp.  The care and love you have shown each of them has been amazing.  You have a huge staff team who are so committed to the children.  I appreciate that staff come and go, but am always amazed at how you manage to replace each leaver with another brilliant person –  clearly your ability to recruit to such a high level and then train individuals up to your standard is incredible.  A huge well done and thanks to you Helen and your entire team.


My daughter joined wboosc kids clubs when she was four years old.  Her disabilities mean that she has incredible needs.  As she now moves on, having become too old for wboosc, it scares me that I will struggle to find any organisation or even individual who will show her so much love and care that you, Ed and your amazing team have done.  You are absolutely unique and I am so unbelievably grateful for the kindness, reliability and inclusiveness that wboosc have provided her and myself with.  Thank you – we will never forget you.


What our staff are saying



Since I have worked at wboosc my abilities have highly improved being under the guidance of Helen. She has really encouraged me to take on more responsibility, improving my skills and I have thrived by doing so. She has helped me with any problems that I have faced and has made my hard work noticed and rewarded. For me personally Helen has made time to work with me and at these times has guided me and advised me how to deal with certain situations. This has made me more confident in my abilities and I have felt that I can deal with anything that is thrown at me. I feel that I have grown as a person and going from being a keyworker to a senior member of staff to then being a deputy member of staff really all in such a short time being here. I have really enjoyed my time working with Helen and appreciate all that has been done for me.

Congratulations guys.  A great company with great owners.  I thoroughly enjoyed my time there.  Well done and well deserved”
Commenting after reading the press release of our outstanding wboosc.

Ricky B

Dear Helen,

I’ve grown professionally so much in this past year or so and I’ve really enjoyed having a bigger role in the nursery and being in charge from time to time, especially when I had the deputy role down at kids club.  I really appreciated the faith and trust that you had in me and I hope that I didn’t let you down.

The fact that I passed all my University interviews, shows my development and I have all your help and support to thank for that because I couldn’t have done it without this place.  And if I ever have a kid the playroom will be first choice as I know the love and care that goes through this place every day will forever and always be outstanding.

Ricky B

Helen is a great manager and loves the work that she does. She gets involved from working with the children to dealing with different problems. She runs wboosc very well and all her staff look up to her and are determined to make sure that they keep the standards that Helen asks. She is fair in the way she treats her staff and rewards them when she can. Helen runs wboosc because it is what she wants to do; provide a safe, happy, enjoyable, supportive organisation for families.

I’m so glad that I have had the opportunity to work with such a good employer who understands everybody’s different needs and supports them like Helen does.

Leanne S